PetraSim 5.0.0907 (RC1)

Posted: September 7th, 2010 in Release Notes

This is an update for the PetraSim 5 beta release.

  • Added remaining TOUGH2-MP EOS support (simulator executables).
  • The TOUGH2-MP EOS9 executable is not currently recommended. It originated from a different code base and has not yet been made consistant with the other simulator versions.
  • Material can now be specified by layer (in addition to global, region, and cell).
  • Fixed a bug in the mesh creator that occurred when using an auto-fit boundary.
  • Fixed a bug in the Polygonal mesh creator UI that sometimes caused the cell count estimate to be negative.
  • Fixed a bug in the layer manager that prevented color and top/base changes from correctly propagating through the event system.
  • The Tree View will no longer become too thin when PetraSim is run at 800×600 resolution.

  • Made the FOFT/GOFT output options more consistant across cell and well editing.
  • Wells with no print flags enabled will no longer appear in the Well Results dialog.
  • Fixed a bug that caused items in the tree to sometimes become unselectable.
  • When a TOUGH2-MP simulator is launched, all previous COFT, FOFT, and GOFT multi-files (e.g. coft_001.csv) will be deleted. This prevents mixing results with the current run with previous runs.
  • In the Boundary editor, the quick set feature will now initialize to the current boundary.
  • Regions can now be named.
  • Initial conditions can now be loaded from a TOUGH2-MP-generated SAVE file
  • Fixed a bug that caused PetraSim to crash if the splash screen was clicked before native libraries had finished loading.
  • Fixed a bug preventing EOS7 brine data from being saved.
  • Added delete to the right-click menu for wells.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when creating a new mesh in a model with “extra” cells.
  • It is now possible to delete a mixed set of items all at once (e.g. wells and materials).