PetraSim 5.0.0928

Posted: September 28th, 2010 in Release Notes

This is the first official release of PetraSim 5. Changes since PetraSim 5.0.0907 (RC1) include:

  • Increased the FOFT/GOFT/COFT cell limit in TOUGH2-MP to 5,000.
  • The mesh cell limit in all TOUGH2 and TOUGHREACT simulators has been raised to 99,999. Other new limits include: 300,000 connections, 100,000 time history pairs, and 5000 source/sink cells.
  • In TOUGHREACT, the Advanced Solution Controls now contains an option to switch between TOUGHREACT v1.0 and v1.2
  • Fixed a bug that caused SAVE file cell entries to be skipped when a primary variable value was negative.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented PetraSim from using over 99 materials.
  • Fixed a bug that caused 2D plots to display incorrect vector results data.
  • TOUGHREACT chemical zone data can now be specified at the layer level.
  • The status bar now displays the number of active mesh cells.
  • In the 3D view, when cells are showing, data for the cell that is currently under the mouse pointer is displayed (e.g. coordinates, current coloring value).
  • Fixed memory leak that occurred during model creation and when viewing 3D Results.

  • Reverted the custom mesh definition style back to cells and the size of each cell. During the beta, this had been changed to use a factor and a cell count).
  • TOUGH2-MP executables will no longer crash when input contains coordinates with too many significant digits.
  • PetraSim will now load the most recent set of results when TOUGH2 and TOUGH2-MP simulations have been run in the same folder (even if a run was performed outside PetraSim).
  • PetraSim will no longer crash when opening the 3D results window when the Plot 3D window is already open.
  • The Edit Layers dialog will no longer issue extra “Mesh Out of Sync” after the panel has already been validated.
  • In EOS7, reduced the default initial temperature to 25C (down from 250C).
  • In T2VOC, changed the default VOC to Chlorobenzine.
  • In TMVOC, changed the default IC mode to Water Only.
  • Fixed a connection data output bug in TOUGH2-MP simulators.
  • The license description now shows when maintenance will expire.