PetraSim 5.1.1215

Posted: December 15th, 2010 in Release Notes

This is an update release for PetraSim 5. This release adds support for MINC simulations, and includes several important bug fixes.

Changes since PetraSim 5.0.0928 include:

  • PetraSim can now run TOUGH2 and TOUGH2-MP with MINC enabled.
  • Improved fixed-width number rendering in PetraSim to add several digits of precision when writing input files and improve readability.
  • Improved the performance of TOUGH2-MP results processing in PetraSim
  • Changed how PetraSim opens files to prevent errors under certain configurations
  • Fixed a bug that prevented reaction zone editing in the Edit Layers dialog
  • Fixed a bug that prevented view panning in some models
  • Fixed a bug that prevented “extra” cells from appearing in the GENER input card
  • Changed the launcher to work around a bug in the latest NVIDIA driver that caused a crash on startup if the driver option “threaded optimization” was enabled
  • Fixed a bug that caused PetraSim to crash when creating a radial mesh with custom divisions.
  • Fixed a bug that caused TOUGH2’s EWASG module to crash on exit