Pathfinder 2011, In Progress

Posted: January 13th, 2011 in News

Pathfinder 2011 development has started. We are planning to post a sequence of beta releases as we make progress toward the official release – which is currently scheduled for March. The major features for each beta release are:

Beta 1:

  • Fix the “divided door” bug. Within the current room, occupants will use the fastest (estimated) route, rather than the shortest.
  • When limiting the number of exits an occupant can use, make it possible to choose multiple exits.

Beta 2:

  • Add movement scripting – walk to a location, wait 10 seconds, walk to another location, etc.
  • Add a basic elevator system.

Beta 3:

  • Add a constant speed modifier that will make it possible to model escalators or moving walkways.
  • Make it possible to “turn off” rooms dynamically – making it possible to model a room becoming unavailable mid-simulation.
  • Make it possible to show animated slice planes from FDS in 3D results.

These are the major planned features, and we will be adding other features and bug fixes as we go.

If you plan to use one of these features or you have any suggestions, please comment or send us an email.