PyroSim 2012 Development Underway

Posted: December 8th, 2011

Work is underway on the next version of PyroSim — PyroSim 2012. The release date is tentatively scheduled for some time in March 2012. The major noteworthy features are:

  • Support for FDS 6
  • Improved tools for drawing and editing geometry
  • Support for HVAC network modeling in FDS
  • Improved CAD file import, including DWG format files
  • Automatic partitioning of meshes for parallel FDS runs
  • Standalone FDS run manager

We will also be incorporating bug fixes and improving some existing features as we work on the new version.  If you have any suggestions or feature requests, please send them to  We have also started a site where users can add ideas and vote on other suggestions —  This site is just getting started, so please stop by and add your suggestions.

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