PetraSim 5.3.1203

Posted: December 3rd, 2013 in Release Notes

This is a maintenance releaseĀ of PetraSim 5. This version adds support for two new equation of state modules: EOS7C, ECO2M.

This version of PetraSim uses version 1.6.0_31 of the Java Runtime Environment.

Changes since PetraSim 5.2.0611:

  • Added support for EOS7C: carbon dioxide or nitrogen in methane reservoirs.
  • Added support for ECO2M: mixtures of water, sodium chloride, and carbon dioxide.
  • Added MINC support for TOUGHREACT.
  • EOS4 TOUGHREACT simulations now provide CSV output.
  • Wells can now be used to control meshing in TOUGH-FX.
  • The Write Mesh Data option now uses 1-based numbering (previously 0-based).
  • Fixed a bug where the permeability modifier was not written for fixed cells.
  • For radial meshes, fixed a bug in the area calculation used for flux boundary conditions.