PetraSim 5.4.0414

Posted: April 14th, 2014 in Release Notes

This is a maintenance release of PetraSim. This version increases the number of cells that can be used in simulations, adds support for cell-by-cell porosity, adds support for well data import, and includes several important bug fixes for TMVOC.

This version of PetraSim uses version 1.6.0_45 of the Java VM.

Changes since PetraSim 5.3.1203:

  • Changed element naming to alphanumeric, increasing the theoretical maximum cell count from 99999 to over 4 million.
  • Increased cell limits in most bundled TOUGH2 executables to 200,000 – EOS7R and EOS7C increased to 130,000.
  • Added support for specifying porosity by cell in the following dialogs: Edit Cell, Set Cell Data, and Load Initial Conditions.
  • Added support for loading well data from a file.
  • Refinement points can now be specified when creating polygonal meshes.
  • Added cut/copy/paste to the Additional Print Times dialog.
  • Removed “Tough-style” initialization options from EOS3 and EOS5 global options.
  • Fixed a bug that caused GOFT, FOFT, and COFT records to be printed for disabled cells.
  • Fixed a TMVOC bug where PetraSim would crash when trying to search for a legacy voc.dat file.
  • Fixed a TMVOC bug that could cause PetraSim to crash if VOCs had ever been removed from a model.
  • Fixed a TMVOC bug that could cause VOC data to be transferred to other VOCs when a VOC was removed from the model.
  • In TMVOC, changing VOC library data now changes corresponding model VOC data.
  • When loading a TMVOC SIM file, any VOCs that are in the model but not in the local VOC library are imported.
  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect apportioning on well cells.