PetraSim 2015.1.0225

Posted: February 25th, 2015 in Release Notes

This release of PetraSim improvesĀ support for Petrel geometry, HydrateResSim, and import of vertical internal boundaries.

This version of PetraSim uses version 1.8.0_05 of the JavaVM.

Major Changes Since PetraSimĀ 2015.1.0122

  • Improved support for reading vertical, curved surfaces defined by XYZ input files
  • Improved the geometry support for Petrel models
  • Fixed a problem with inactive cells not behaving correctly
  • Fixed a problem with exported 3d results data not having the expected number of entries
  • Fixed some issues visualizing HydrateResSim results
  • Fixed some problems with the relative permeability and capillary pressure definitions in HydrateResSim
  • Fixed a problem visualizing the TSTART value in Simulation Parameters
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when defining a radial mesh