Improved Cornering in Pathfinder 2015.2

Posted: October 21st, 2015 in News

Changes in the movement algorithms for Pathfinder 2015.2 have improved the cornering capabilities of occupants in high density, wide corridor turns. The cornering behavior seeks to steer agents so that they can take wide turns as part of a group without cutting in front of each other. This allows them to better utilize wide hallways/ramps with turns. To a certain extent, the avoid occupants and seek separate behaviors already achieve this, but the cornering behavior improves this.

Existing models that were created prior to this release will automatically reflect these changes when simulated in Pathfinder 2015.2. You can see an example of the improved occupant movement in the animations below.

Read more about cornering and other path following algorithms in the Pathfinder Technical Reference Manual. Additionally, read about Pathfinder movement patterns as measured against other standards in the Verification and Validation document.