New Pathfinder Features – 2017.1 Highlight

Posted: November 9th, 2016 in News

The new Pathfinder features will release soon in the 2017.1 version. These features will increase the capabilities to perform hospital simulations and create complex scenarios that involve occupants entering and exiting the models in ways that weren’t previously possible. Take a look at the highlight video and read the full descriptions below.

Assisted Evacuation

There are several new features that enable models with disabled occupants who may or may not need assistance.

New occupant shapes now allow for many more possibilities. Default Pathfinder occupants are represented by a cylinder, but new box shapes included in the release can represent wheelchair and bed vehicles for occupants who require them. However, we cannot possibly provide all possible vehicle sizes and dimensions for our users. So we have created a new dialog that enables custom defined shapes, including the attachment points for assistants.

New Pathfinder Features - Custom Vehicle Shapes
Define vehicle dimensions for occupant vehicles.

Users can define the 2D polygon geometry, vehicle height, and pivot point. This allows for minor tweaks to the provided wheelchair and bed models or completely new vehicle shapes.

Occupant Sources

Previously, users would create large “holding rooms” for occupants that they wanted to slowly enter into the model over time by using the Initial Delay feature. That will no longer be necessary, as users can now define rooms or doors to become sources of inflow. These occupant sources can create a constant stream of new occupants or you can adjust the flow rate over time.

New Pathfinder Features - Occupant Sources
Adjust the flow rate over time.

Occupants that are created via an occupant source can be assigned a distribution of profiles and behaviors.

Refuge Areas

One additional constraint that we’ve alleviated is the requirement for all occupants to leave through a designated exit in the model. This assumed that all exits would be exterior doors. Now, any room can be designated as a safe area with the Refuge Areas feature.

New Pathfinder Features - Refuge Areas
Designate safe areas in any area of the model.

Simply select the Refuge Area checkbox to enable it for the selected room. Multiple can be selected and Behaviors can include steps to go to these locations.

Additional Resources

The new Verification and Validation document which includes examples with assisted evacuation will be made available alongside the full 2017.1 release.

Check for the full Release Notes which includes additional feature notes and bug fixes.

Download the latest version or request a free 30 day trial.