Debug Pathfinder for Further Inspection

The Debug feature in Pathfinder is often ignored or unknown by many users. However, in situations that require a closer look at behind the scenes information, the Debug window can provide helpful insight. Many of the topics discussed in our Technical Reference Guide are quantified into over 100 parameters that are displayed in this window.

To open this window, click the Debug button while the simulation is running. The simulation will open at the current Sim Time with a geometry display and parameter listing. The table on the right displays information for Occupants, Navigation Mesh, Elevators and more. With careful use of this information there are many benefits to achieve.

Pathfinder Debug Window
The Debug Window provides in depth real-time information about the simulation.

Debug a Stuck Occupant

Sometimes occupants get stuck in the model for various reasons. A common cause of this problem we often see is that users accidentally create stairs or landings that don’t allow enough vertical space for the occupants to move through. When Pathfinder reports stuck occupants, use the debug option to locate them and inspect the problem area.

Inspect Occupant Decisions Step-by-Step

If you’re curious to see the math behind Occupant decisions during a counterflow, cornering, or congestion situation, you can view detailed calculations about a particular occupant’s decisions at a moment in time. The Debug Simulation option in the Simulation menu will allow you to begin the simulation already paused at 0.0 seconds so that you can slowly step through every moment of the results. The Pause at this time button at the bottom of the Debug window helps fast-forward to the critical moment.

Once the target time is reached, the debug simulation will automatically pause. In this state, the Step button can be used to move forward one time step at a time. This allows decisions to be understood in the finest level of detail.

Additional Information

The Elevator tab shows discharge information and scheduling details. The Vehicle Agent tab brings assistant information. Explore the other tabs and discover new ways to interact with the Pathfinder simulation.

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