Results Viewer Released in PyroSim 2017.2

Posted: November 15th, 2017

PyroSim will now install a new results viewer developed by Thunderhead Engineering to supplement Smokeview. Both will be included so that users can decide what is best for their needs. This new results application will allow us to further integrate information outside of FDS data such as Pathfinder evacuation simulations, CAD model textures, and camera tours designed in PyroSim.

Stadium fire in new results viewer
The new results viewer for PyroSim displays fire, smoke, and evacuation results in high graphical detail.

Display FDS and Pathfinder Results Together

The new results viewer enables a combination of data from PyroSim and Pathfinder, easily allowing one video to demonstrate smoke, fire, and evacuation results. The two data sets can be time aligned so that the initial moment of evacuation is appropriate for the fire model. This single application handles customization of both sets of visuals including all FDS result types (2D/3D slices, boundaries, Plot3D, particles) and evacuation contours (density, time to exit, usage, etc.).

Export Results to Video

Recording videos to play on any computer is as simple as clicking record and choosing a file location. With realtime video encoding, you can manipulate the model as the file is being created so that what you see is what you get. For a more controlled capture, used saved views and even create camera tours in Pathfinder for smooth transitions from one angle to the next.

Control with Familiar UI Toolbars

For experienced Pathfinder users, the results viewer will feel like a familiar experience. PyroSim will now also access this application to view FDS results using a similar layout and control menu. This includes a tree view of the various elements to disable and enable from view, standard playback buttons, and 3D CAD manipulation controls that match PyroSim and Pathfinder.

Office fire in the new results viewer
Manage results data from PyroSim and Pathfinder in an intuitive user interface.

To choose which application to process FDS results, use the Analysis menu to select either Run Results or Run Smokeview. No changes to your model are necessary to view the results in either application. Let us know what else you would like to see in our new results viewer.

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