New Camera Options in Results Viewer

Posted: August 6th, 2018 in News

Views, Tours, and Section Boxes can now be created directly within the Results Viewer. These objects can be transferred from one set of results to another via import. Also, screenshots can be automatically generated based on the views and tours that are created. These features enable easier and more powerful options to present the results after the simulation has completed.

Section Boxes in Results Viewer
Section Boxes can help remove distracting geometry.

Views are a saved perspective in the model, which help highlight areas of interest from an easily observable angle. Tours include sweeping camera movements from one view to another in order to follow the action as it progresses across the model space. Section Boxes help cut away unnecessary or obstructive geometry in order to better view the important information. In combination, these tools help create a professional video playback of egress results.

Screenshots from PyroSim or Pathfinder can be automatically created for each view or tour in the model at specific times or intervals. With the ability to easily adjust aspect ratio and size, just like the movie creation tool, this is a convenient way to produce consistent images with a professional look.

Screenshot capture tool
The screenshot generation tool works in combination with views and tours.

Lastly, views and tours can be imported from other models or other software. For instance, a user may work on multiple versions of the same model simultaneously through different files. Once the views and tours are created in one file, they can be imported in the others. Additionally, these tools can be transferred between PyroSim and Pathfinder.

Try creating these additional camera options in your next model. For more help, the Pathfinder Fundamentals tutorial covers views and tours while the feature introduction video will help you with section boxes.