Dimensions and Labels for PyroSim and Pathfinder Results

Posted: May 9th, 2019

PyroSim 2019.1 and Pathfinder 2019.1 include linear dimensions and object labels as a tool in Results. This feature has been requested by users in order to provide a better documented report to officials.

“Inspectors, when verifying fire risk calculation reports, require the presence of object sizes on the plans so that they can verify the compliance of the calculation model.”

“It would be great if you add any instrument to create text on scene (rooms and doors names, dimensions etc.).”

This update allows the user to define and display the dimensions and labels as seen in the video below.

The information is dynamically displayed to adjust for better viewing as the camera rotates. Adding new dimensions or labels requires the user to select the appropriate tool and use the cursor to select the points they would like to highlight. The label tool displays the identified object as the user moves the cursor across an object. The dimensions and labels are saved as objects in Results that will persist across new simulations of a given model.

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