Save Settings for Results Visualizations

Posted: October 30th, 2019

The most recent release of the PyroSim and Pathfinder Results application allows users to create, save, and load results visualizations. A results visualization is a collection of settings that define which Pathfinder and FDS results are to be loaded and how those results are to be displayed. It also contains information entered by the user, such as views, tours, colorbar settings, time settings, annotations, object visibility, etc.

Results visualization files end with either .pfrv when saved from Pathfinder Results or .smvv when saved from PyroSim Results. When Pathfinder or FDS results are viewed from either Pathfinder or PyroSim for the first time, a results visualization is automatically created and saved containing the results data. The visualization file name will match that of the originating PTH or PSM file.


You can create multiple visualization files with different data sets (FDS and Pathfinder) and different saved states. This allows a user to reuse previous settings and to save particular visualization configurations for the same data set. This new feature also simplifies file management, as there is now a single visualization file with information that was previously stored in 3 different files (*.pfrmeta, *_resultsviews.json, and *_session.json), along with additional information that was not saved before.

The first version of results visualization available now allows you to save most settings. The rest will follow suit in the last release of the year.

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