Change Profile Dynamically with New Behavior Step

Posted: November 19th, 2019 in News

Coming soon in Pathfinder 2019.3 we will see a new Behavior step that allows occupants to dynamically change their Profile. A similar feature was added previously where occupants could change their behavior. The profile contains the occupant’s characteristics such as speed, door choice, and various settings related to interacting with other occupants in the model. 

Profile Dialog

You can adjust the behavior step to assign a specific Profile, or to randomly assign one of many options from a defined distribution. This is similar to how changing behaviors works. 

There are many possible uses for this new feature. Occupants could move from a healthy profile to injured or fatigued. Occupants with limited mobility can switch from walking to wheelchair assisted movement. We’re curious to hear what ideas you have for this feature, so please feel free to contact us.