Accelerate Simulation Time with PyroSim Cloud Computing

Posted: April 15th, 2021

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a tech industry term for a service which provides computing power on request. This service is provided remote, or “in the cloud”, so that the user can access these resources from their office. One common use for cloud computing is to gain access to powerful hardware which goes beyond the needs of day-to-day office work.

Why use cloud computing for FDS?

FDS simulations can require over a full 24 hours for large, complex, or long applications on a modern business PC. This brings several challenges. Some models may exceed the memory limitations of a desktop machine and are unable to complete.

It is not uncommon for large FDS models to require over 24 hours of simulation time on high-end business desktops.

Not all projects demand such a long amount of time. Many can be simulated within a single working day, while others can be split or coarsened in order to design iteratively. For some users, their needs never exceed these situations. It can be simpler and cheaper to maintain a local machine to process simulations of this scale.

For others, cloud computing simplifies an otherwise complicated purchase of a high up-front cost server system to scale with increasing needs. Services across many industries offer on-demand computing power with simplified billing and on-demand power. In either case, a modeler may simply want to offload their computing needs so that their main desktop or laptop can be used for other tasks while the simulation completes.

How is cloud computing used in PyroSim?

Cloud HPC now provides FDS on Cloud for the fire simulation industry. This service supports multiple FDS versions (including the most recent), scalable virtual CPU power to meet your needs, and the ability to monitor your simulation progress in real-time.

This dialog provides access to the users cloud computing account.

PyroSim supports the ability to run an FDS simulation in the cloud by integrating with CFD FEA Service‚Äôs Cloud HPC. The user inputs their credentials and desired provisions for the cloud instance. Once the simulation begins, users can use the cloud provider’s dashboard to manage their progress. To view pricing and receive more information, register with Cloud HPC.

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