Improvements in PyroSim 2021.2

Posted: May 10th, 2021

PyroSim 2021.2 includes usability improvements to better monitor FDS simulation progress and find objects in your model.

Added the ability to scroll away from the bottom of the Run FDS Console

As FDS continues to output new lines, the user’s scroll position is retained.

PyroSim 2021.2 includes an improvement to the Run Simulation dialog. In the new version, the FDS output in the Run Simulation dialog is prevented from dragging the user’s view along with it. This is useful if a user would like to examine a particular portion of the output while the simulation is still running.

Search with “whole word” and “case sensitive” options in Find dialog

Finding with Whole Word enabled refines the search term “Top” to exclude “TopLeft”.

PyroSim 2021.2 includes an improved Find dialog. This improved dialog includes the new “Whole Word” and “Case Sensitive” checkboxes, which constrain content matches to exact matches of the search term and case sensitive matches of the search term, respectively.

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