Improvements in Results 2021.2

Posted: May 10th, 2021 in News

Results 2021.2 includes a large new set of 2D plots for proximity analysis as discussed in a paper by Enrico Ronchi and Ruggiero Lovreglio.

Create new proximity analysis reports

Several different analysis options are available in this new 2D plot feature.

The upcoming release of Pathfinder Results version 2021.2 will include a Proximity Analysis feature based on the paper EXPOSED: An occupant exposure model for confined spaces to retrofit crowd models during a pandemic by Enrico Ronchi and Ruggiero Lovreglio. In the paper, Enrico and Ruggiero lay out a method to create metrics that measure occupant exposure in microscopic scale environments, which enables evaluation of the efficacy of infection mitigation measures. In simpler terms, they supply a way to measure how effective social distancing measures are at preventing the spread of disease. You can read more about the implementation of this feature in our post titled Proximity Analysis and the Thunderhead development process.