Improvements in Pathfinder 2021.3

Posted: September 1st, 2021 in News

Pathfinder 2021.3 focuses on improving multi-project management and improving dynamic occupant behavior for advanced applications. Additionally, this Pathfinder release is supported by Results improvements which incorporate technology advancements in video rendering.

Asset reuse

Managing multiple Pathfinder models with common assets just became much easier. 

Copying Occupants from one model and pasting them into another brings along the dependent Profiles and Behaviors.

Various objects used in Pathfinder models, from Occupants to Profiles to geometry, and more, can be copied and pasted from one model to another. This copy and paste behavior intelligently handles dependent objects to better ensure that assets are not missing necessary references in the secondary model. For instance, an Occupant with a custom Profile and Behavior includes these objects in the paste operation even if the user does not include them in the copy operation.


Attractors are a new concept in Pathfinder which allow Occupants to seek temporary Behaviors during their overall movement. 

Users interrupt their waiting behavior to visit the vending machine, dynamically called into action by Attractors.

As an example, Occupants may opt to use a vending machine while in a waiting room. Or a broadcast announcement may alert some passengers to a change in their designated boarding area. These Attractors are implemented by incorporating Behaviors and new Profile parameters, among other things. Learn more in this preview or the user manual.