Improvements in PyroSim 2021.3

Posted: September 1st, 2021

PyroSim 2021.3 focuses on expanding its application use cases by supporting the latest features of FDS 6.7.6. Additionally, this PyroSim release is supported by Results improvements which incorporate technology advancements in video rendering.

Added support for gauge heat flux devices

Gauge heat flux devices are new in FDS 6.7.6 and supported in PyroSim 2021.3. This provides an additional measurement type for FDS simulations. For more information, search ’GAUGE HEAT FLUX’ in the FDS User’s Guide

Added support for custom controls

Custom controls were previously supported via Advanced Records in PyroSim. Now when creating a new Control, users can select Custom and use this dialog window to define its behavior.

Added support for HCN reactions

HCN reactions and the HCN yield are now supported in PyroSim 2021.3 and FDS 6.7.6. We have also updated our combustion calculator.

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