Improvements in Results 2021.3

Posted: September 1st, 2021 in News

Results 2021.3 focuses on technology advancements in video rendering and providing new tools for users to enhance their presentation capabilities.

360 video export

To provide clients and other observers more control over their viewing experience, PyroSim and Pathfinder output can now include 360 videos.

Many media players and web players such as YouTube support this video format. The user can use a mouse to grab and rotate their view or use a device’s gyroscope to physically change their perspective. The export process is nearly identical to the typical Movie creation process in Results.

Advanced material rendering

Imported materials with advanced texture mapping are now supported to allow surfaces to display depth, reflectivity, and other visual flairs.

Imported CAD models which use sophisticated textures gain this display  benefit automatically. Users who want more control can access the dialog window above and adjust various parameters.