PetraSim 2020.2.1222

January 5, 2021

This release of PetraSim includes a number of small bug fixes, as well as enhanced support for TOUGH3.


PetraSim 2020.1.0108

February 25, 2020

This release of PetraSim includes bug fixes and general improvements.


PetraSim 2018.1.0925

September 26, 2018

This is a maintenance release of PetraSim that provides several bug fixes including a bug in the cell-well intersection algorithm.


PetraSim 2018.1.0416

April 16, 2018
This release adds compatibility with TOUGHREACT v3.3, improves support for wells on deliverability, and includes bug fixes. Read More...

PetraSim 2017.1.0828

August 28, 2017

This release fixes problems with the HydrateResSim user interface, improves Petrel import support, and fixes crashes related to viewing results.


PetraSim 2017.1.0509

May 9, 2017

This release fixes bugs leading to incorrect output for sources, sinks, and wells.


PetraSim 2017.1.0405

April 5, 2017
This release includes bug fixes for Petrel grid import and maximum available sources and sinks. Read More...

PetraSim 2017.1.0209

February 9, 2017
This version of PetraSim includes updates to the TOUGH2 source code to add support for several new features, with an emphasis on improved support of geothermal simulation. Read More...

PetraSim 2016.2.0523

May 23, 2016

This release adds cell selection along internal boundaries to simplify fault editing, coloring by volume factor in the 3D view, and several bug fixes.


Hydrostatic Pressure Conditions in PetraSim/TOUGH

March 9, 2016

This is the first in a series of posts discussing the initialization of a TOUGH model to represent realistic natural state conditions.  In almost all cases, it is beneficial to run a model to steady state before adding transient boundary conditions, injection or pumping wells, etc.  We’ll give a very simple example first, where we’ve used EOS3 to establish a hydrostatic pressure gradient in a single phase model.