Release Notes

PetraSim 5.1.1320

January 21, 2011

This release changes Line Plots and fixes a problem in 3D Results that prevented vectors from appearing on slice planes. This release also includes fixes to the TOUGH2 input file writer.


PetraSim 5.1.1303

January 3, 2011
This release fixes a bug in PetraSim’s input file writer. Changes since PetraSim 5.1.1215 include: When creating simulator input files, earlier versions of PetraSim 5.1 used the comma character as a decimal separator in some locales. This bug prevented simulations from running in these locales. PetraSim now uses a period as the decimal character in all locales ... Read More...

PetraSim 5.1.1215

December 15, 2010
This is an update release for PetraSim 5. This release adds support for MINC simulations, and includes several important bug fixes. Changes since PetraSim 5.0.0928 include: PetraSim can now run TOUGH2 and TOUGH2-MP with MINC enabled. Improved fixed-width number rendering in PetraSim to add several digits of precision when writing input files and improve readability. Improved the performance of ... Read More...

PetraSim 5.0.0928

September 28, 2010

This is the first official release of PetraSim 5. Changes since PetraSim 5.0.0907 (RC1) include:

  • Increased the FOFT/GOFT/COFT cell limit in TOUGH2-MP to 5,000.
  • The mesh cell limit in all TOUGH2 and TOUGHREACT simulators has been raised to 99,999. Other new limits include: 300,000 connections, 100,000 time history pairs, and 5000 source/sink cells.
  • In TOUGHREACT, the Advanced Solution Controls now contains an option to switch between TOUGHREACT v1.0 and v1.2
  • Fixed a bug that caused SAVE file cell entries to be skipped when a primary variable value was negative.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented PetraSim from using over 99 materials.
  • Fixed a bug that caused 2D plots to display incorrect vector results data.
  • TOUGHREACT chemical zone data can now be specified at the layer level.
  • The status bar now displays the number of active mesh cells.
  • In the 3D view, when cells are showing, data for the cell that is currently under the mouse pointer is displayed (e.g. coordinates, current coloring value).
  • Fixed memory leak that occurred during model creation and when viewing 3D Results.


PetraSim 5.0.0907 (RC1)

September 7, 2010

This is an update for the PetraSim 5 beta release.

  • Added remaining TOUGH2-MP EOS support (simulator executables).
  • The TOUGH2-MP EOS9 executable is not currently recommended. It originated from a different code base and has not yet been made consistant with the other simulator versions.
  • Material can now be specified by layer (in addition to global, region, and cell).
  • Fixed a bug in the mesh creator that occurred when using an auto-fit boundary.
  • Fixed a bug in the Polygonal mesh creator UI that sometimes caused the cell count estimate to be negative.
  • Fixed a bug in the layer manager that prevented color and top/base changes from correctly propagating through the event system.
  • The Tree View will no longer become too thin when PetraSim is run at 800×600 resolution.


PetraSim 5.0.0820 (Beta)

August 20, 2010

This is an update for the PetraSim 5 beta release.

  • Added TOUGH2-MP support. The EOS3 module is included with this release.
  • TOUGH2-MP options have been added to the Simulation Parameters dialog.
  • TOUGHREACT EXEs have been rolled back to the build deployed with PetraSim 4.2. This fixes a convergence bug caused by compiler optimizations.
  • When switching EOS modules, variable format data will be reset. State variables may still be re-interpreted to invalid values.
  • Fixed a bug that caused PetraSim to fail to import old SIM files that did not contain a mesh.
  • A warning is now shown when creating a new mesh will destroy existing cell data.
  • Improved the performance of the tree view when working with large numbers of cells.
  • The Show Vectors UI component is now properly linked to vector visibility in the 3D results.
  • Fixed a bug that caused PetraSim to be locale-sensitive when selecting the decimal character for TOUGH2 input files (e.g. sometimes use commas instead of periods).


PetraSim 5.0.0716 (Beta)

July 16, 2010

This is an update for the PetraSim 5 beta release.

  • Fixed a bug that caused PetraSim to sometimes omit relative permeability data when generating the ROCKS record of the TOUGH2 input file. ROCKS records 1.1-3 are now always written.
  • Fixed a bug in the cell connection area calculation for RZ meshes.
  • PetraSim now clamps the maximum number of GOFT entries at 100 this matches the TOUGH2 specification.
  • Models loaded from PetraSim v4 SIM files will now use less memory.
  • Fixed a bug that caused PetraSim to crash when starting a TOUGH2 simulation if a cell had a BC specified using a table.
  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect INCON values to be written for TMVOC simulations that used a gas/NAPL or three-phase specification format.
  • Fixed a bug that caused TMVOC models loaded from v4 SIM files to lose BC data.
  • Improved 3D results performance when using a background images.


PetraSim 5.0.0628 (Beta)

June 28, 2010
This is a minor update for the PetraSim 5 beta release. A Select Cells action is now available on the context menu for regions, layers, and wells. This action will select all cells in the element. Fixed a bug that occured when importing old models that contained wells. Well cell IDs will will no longer be increased ... Read More...

PetraSim 5.0.0624 (Beta)

June 23, 2010

This version is a major update to PetraSim 4. All users are encouraged to work though the short Getting Started guide on the PetraSim Resources page to learn how some of the new features operate.

New features in PetraSim 5 include:

  • The 2D cell editor has been replaced by cell editing in the main 3D view.
  • Z divisions are now controlled by layers, making it easier to work with stratigraphy.
  • Polygonal (Voronoi) meshes are now supported.
  • Polygonal boundaries and boundary editing is now supported.
  • Many major changes “under the hood” which make PetraSim faster and more reliable.
  • Time history plots of accumulated well quantities are now available.
  • The Run dialog now includes a Log tab which shows selected simulator output.