PetraSim 4 Documentation

PetraSim Users Manual for TOUGH2 (PetraSim 4 Manual TOUGH2 )

PetraSim Users Manual for TETRAD (PetraSim 4 Manual Tetrad )

Example Problems

While it is highly recommended that the user follow the examples, PetraSim model and output files can be downloaded below so that the user does not need to run the complete analyses to view results.

TETRAD Example Problems

Example files for Tetrad  — Example files for TETRAD

TOUGH2 Example Problems

Download the TOUGH2 example manual. This manual includes detailed step-by-step instructions using PetraSim to run TOUGH2 example problems.

  • Five Spot Geothermal Production and Injection (EOS 1). Problem 4 in the TOUGH2 user’s manual. Input and results files.

  • 3D Contoured Top (EOS 1). Demonstrates use of a contour file to define the geometry of the surface of the reservoir. It also
    demonstrates a two part analysis, with an initial state calculation followed by a production analysis. Initial state input and results.  Well table data for the production analysis. Production input and results.

  • Heat Sweep in a Vertical Fracture (EOS 1). Problem 3 in the TOUGH2 user’s manual. Steady state input and results. Transient input and results.

  • Heat Pipe in Cylindrical Geometry (EOS 3). Problem 2 in the TOUGH2 user’s manual. Input and results files.

  • Variable Salinity Problem (EOS 7). Problem 6 in the TOUGH2 user’s manual. Input and results files.

  • VOC Contamination (EOS7R). Demonstrates the use of extra cells, modeling of an atmospheric boundary condition, and establishing an initial gravity/capillary equilibrium condition. Problem 8 in the TOUGH2 user’s manual. Initial state and transient files.

  • Production from Geothermal Reservoir (EWASG). Problem 12 in the TOUGH2 user’s manual. Input and results files.

T2VOC Example Problems

TMVOC Example Problems

Download the TMVOC Examples .

  • 1D Buckley-Leverett Flow. This problem is the same as T2VOC example 2.

TOUGHREACT Example Problems

Download the TOUGHREACT Examples .

TOUGH-Fx/HYDRATE Example Problems

Download the TOUGH-Fx/HYDRATE Example Manual .

Download input and results files for each example: