Mesh Assignment is Overhauled in PyroSim 2022.1

April 11, 2022
PyroSim 2022.1 will release this week with several new features. One that we'll highlight today is the new mesh assignment optimization algorithm. When a model is designed with multiple meshes, they are assigned to separate cores for simulation. This parallel process helps reduce the total time needed. When there are more meshes than processors, an algorithm is used to determine an efficient pairing. Read More...

Improvements in PyroSim 2021.4

December 1, 2021
PyroSim 2021.4 focuses on adding support for mathematic controls, adding mesh partitions for a quicker workflow, and improving scenario exportation. Additionally, this PyroSim release is supported by¬†Results improvements¬†which incorporate gamma correction for improved lighting. Read More...

Automatically Partition Meshes to Optimize Simulation Time

November 23, 2021
PyroSim has previously offered many ways to help users create the most efficient meshes for their models by providing cell calculations, a refinement tool, and a splitting tool. In PyroSim 2014.4 we will introduce mesh partitioning, which automatically divides one or more meshes into equal cuboid parts. This is useful when taking advantage of multi-core processing via the Run FDS Parallel action, where meshes can be assigned to individual cores. Read More...

Pick Your Favorite Scenarios with Selective Export

November 17, 2021
Scenarios were previously introduced to PyroSim as a tool to help repurpose assets within a model for various use cases. In the upcoming PyroSim 2021.4, users will be able to select which scenarios get exported before creating the batch file. Read More...

Improvements in PyroSim 2021.3

September 1, 2021
PyroSim 2021.3 focuses on expanding its application use cases by supporting the latest features of FDS 6.7.6. Read More...

HCN Update for PyroSim 2021.3 and Free Combustion Calculator Update

August 18, 2021
Hydrogen cyanide (HCN) reactions were added in FDS 6.7.6 and are supported in PyroSim 2021.3. As part of this update, we have added HCN support in our Combustion Calculator which helps solve the stoichiometric equation to define a reaction. Read More...

PyroSim 2021.2.0610 Patch Release – Available Now

June 10, 2021

An issue in the PyroSim toolbar was recently identified. When results are available for viewing, the View Results and Plot Results buttons are disabled. This issue was introduced in the 2021.2.0525 release of PyroSim. 

We have identified the problem, and have uploaded a patch release which addresses the bug. The updated version of PyroSim is available now.


2021.2 Patch Release – Available Now

May 26, 2021

One of our Reseller Partners identified an issue when dragging items in the navigation view. When this happens, the application freezes and requires a forced shutdown to proceed. This issue was introduced in the 2021.2.0512 release of both PyroSim and Pathfinder. 

We have identified the problem, and have uploaded patch releases that addresses the bug. The updated versions of PyroSim and Pathfinder are available now.


Improvements in PyroSim 2021.2

May 10, 2021
PyroSim 2021.2 includes usability improvements to better monitor FDS simulation progress and find objects in your model. Read More...

Accelerate Simulation Time with PyroSim Cloud Computing

April 15, 2021
What is cloud computing? Cloud computing is a tech industry term for a service which provides computing power on request. This service is provided remote, or “in the cloud”, so that the user can access these resources from their office. One common use for cloud computing is to gain access to powerful hardware which goes beyond ... Read More...